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    LEGO 40646 Daffodils Botanical Collection

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    • Lifelike design: The LEGO Daffodils Botanical Collection Daffodils 40646 features a lifelike design that accurately captures the beauty and intricacy of daffodil flowers, making it a stunning addition to any botanical display.
    • Detailed construction: Each LEGO piece in this set is intricately designed and assembled to replicate the unique features of daffodil blooms, including their distinctive trumpet-shaped petals and vibrant yellow color.
    • Modular building experience: With its modular design, this LEGO set offers an engaging building experience that allows users to assemble the daffodil flowers piece by piece, providing hours of creative enjoyment.
    • Display versatility: Once assembled, the LEGO Daffodils Botanical Collection Daffodils 40646 can be proudly displayed on a shelf, desk, or mantelpiece, adding a touch of natural beauty to any indoor space.
    • Collector’s item: Whether for LEGO enthusiasts, flower lovers, or collectors of botanical-themed sets, this Daffodils set is a unique and highly sought-after addition to any LEGO collection, showcasing the beauty of nature in brick form.
    SKU: 40646

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