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    LOL Surprise! Dance Dance Dance Dolls Collectable Doll for The Kids Age 3+

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    UNPACK 8 surprises with the L*O*L Surprise Dance Dance Dance dolls, including blacklight to light up extra surprises!
    UNIQUE DANCE MOVE: Each doll carries her own dance card with a real moving, holographic illustration that shows you a unique dance move. Help your dolls create their own unique dance moves, such as “Wheels on the Coupe”, “Vogue it B*B” or “Runway Surprise”.
    RETURNING DANCE FLOOR: Show off your doll’s moves on a dance floor that can really spin! In addition, you can link all dance floors from the Dance Dance Dance series together and spin them at the same time.
    COLLECT THEM ALL AND MAKE A REMIX: Collect all 12 L*O*L Surprise Dance Dance Dance dolls and stage the biggest dance competition in the entire universe! Create and remix your own super cool choreographies after unpacking each doll’s special dance move!
    Will you unwrap a character with a traditional move or a modern one? Or discover an M*C in charge during the B*Bs dance competition

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