Miko My Companion Emotix Miko 2 (Martian Red)


  • Miko 2 makes learning fun through conversations. Loaded with academic syllabus, news updates, facts about the world and much more!
  • Full of educative and fun games, Miko 2 can play music, dance, tell stories, riddles, rhymes and fun-facts & even do the moonwalk!
  • Equipped with an emotional intelligence machine, Miko 2 identifies, recollects and remembers the child’s moods, 
growing with the child with every interaction.
  • With TeleConnect, it helps you stay in touch with your child anytime, anywhere through video calling & remote navigation.
  • A trustable little robot, with data encryption and strict privacy norms, the child’s data remains secure. With profanity filters, age-appropriate content and culturally-neutral suggestions, it is 100% child-safe.


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Key Benefits

  • Content developed by experienced professional educators for kids.
  • Conversational learning style proven to enhance kids’ learning experience.
  • Advanced facial and voice recognition to recognize and react to kids.
  • Powerful yet secure technology.


How does this little robot deliver such big benefits?




Miko 2 Educates

…with content that sparks a lifelong love for learning.

Miko 2 gives little learners the best of children’s content, developed by educators for kids. Miko 2 helps kids explore this rich world of knowledge using a conversational style proven to enhance the learning experience.

Miko 2 Engages

…by giving kids only the best of technology.

Miko 2 uses advanced facial and voice recognition to recognize and react to your child. By leveraging this powerful yet secure technology, Miko 2 gets to know your child more with each interaction—taking engagement to new heights

Miko 2 Entertains

…through the marvel of play-based experiences.

Miko 2 can sing. Miko 2 can dance. Miko 2 can narrate stories, play games and chat intelligently with your child. With Miko 2, there’s no limit to the kid-friendly experiences that children can explore—or the “fun” factor that keeps them coming back for more.

What’s in it?


Artificial Intelligence, Sensors and Robotics!

  • 1.5 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • Dual MEMS microphone
  • World’s Smallest Laser ranging module
  • HD Wide Angle Camera
  • 9 Axis MEMS IMU Inertial Sensor
  • Capacitive touch sensor for navigation
  • Dual High Sensitivity Long Distance Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor for Edge Detection
  • Hall Effect Sensors


Key Features





Miko 2 can See

This smart assistant can identifyremember, and also recognize known objects, faces, and surroundings.

Miko 2 can TeleConnect

Through this path-breaking feature, parents can stay connected with their kids anytime, anywhere through video calls.

TeleConnect also allows parents to remotely navigate Miko 2 around to see what their little one is up to!

Miko 2 can Teach

Using the conversational learning style, this device can teach your kid about various topics, such as health, science, nature, literature, etc.

Miko 2 can Learn

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, this device can learn the user’s preferences to deliver customized operations.