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  1. Brand Mash-up Madness: Playmates unleashed the creativity by merging the Turtles with other popular franchises, spawning epic crossovers like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman, resulting in action figures that blended the best of both worlds.
  2. Endless Variation: From samurai-themed armor to futuristic tech gear, Playmates explored every avenue of turtle-themed adventure, ensuring fans had a multitude of options to collect and play with.
  3. Action-Packed Features: Keeping the excitement alive, Playmates introduced action features into the toyline, allowing kids to engage in epic battles with flicking tongues, launching projectiles, and even mutating transformations.
  4. Iconic Gimmicks: Whether it was the sports-themed Turtles hitting the field or the beach-ready mutants spitting water, Playmates pushed the boundaries of imagination with inventive gimmicks that kept fans eagerly anticipating the next release.
  5. Never-ending Innovation: Playmates continuously evolved the Turtles’ universe, introducing new characters, vehicles, and playsets, ensuring that the franchise remained fresh and engaging for generations of fans.

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Only 2 left in stock

As the toyline and cartoon series started to go long, Playmates Toys turned to other ideas to keep the good times rolling on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Long thought to just be some quick fad, the turtles outlived all expectations into the 90s spawning multiple films and video games and a cartoon series that would total nearly 200 episodes. Such longevity was basically unheard of for such a blatant kid’s property and I have to think some of it is due to the creativity of Playmates. There were lots of variants of the turtles starting with different costumes and the introduction of action features into the toyline. Playmates would double-down on wacky variants with some featuring action features, like the sports turtles, or different gimmicks all-together like the beach turtles that could spit water. Talking turtles, mutating turtles, boxing turtles – basically everything was on the table. And when that started to run dry, Playmates turned to another tool: the brand mash-up.



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