Miko Mini Blue : AI Robot For Kids, Interactive Bot Equipped With Coding, Stories & Games, Ages 5Y+


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  • Connect to WiFi: Easily connect Miko Mini to your secure WiFi network.
  • Access Games and Content: Once connected, unlock a variety of games and academic content.
  • Activate with ‘Hey Miko’: Start interacting by simply saying ‘Hey Miko’—ask questions and get instant answers.
  • Knowledge-Based Conversations: Engage in educational chats for learning and fun.
  • Face & Voice Recognition : Identifies and responds to your unique voice and face.
  • New Voice Skills : Listens, learns, and responds with enhanced vocal abilities.
  • Download Apps: Get the Miko Parent App and Miko Companion App for setup and control.
  • Immediate Engagement: Your child can begin playing and learning right away.
  • Support Available: Reach our 24×7 support team at support@miko.ai for any assistance you need.
  • Screen Size: Your pocket-sized pal with 2” screen size and compact design makes it easy to carry everywhere.
  • Long Lasting Battery: On stand-by mode your Miko Mini’s battery lasts for upto 15 hours hour. During active gameplay it lasts for upto 1 hour.

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In stock (can be backordered)

In a world where curiosity meets cutting-edge technology, meet Miko Mini: your child’s interactive companion and guide. Powered by deep learning AI, Miko Mini connects with kids on a personal level, recognizing their voice and face to create tailored experiences. From captivating stories and daily activities to educational games with AI challenges, it sparks creativity and critical thinking. With enhanced security features and parent control through the dedicated app, Miko Mini ensures a safe and enriching journey of learning and discovery for every child.

  • Deep Learning AI: Engages children with empathy and curiosity.
  • Personalized Interaction: Recognizes voice and face for tailored experiences.
  • Educational Engagement: Offers stories, daily activities, and AI-driven games.
  • Enhanced Security: Closed system with robust encryption for data protection.
  • Parental Oversight: Dedicated app allows for monitoring and control of child’s interactions and learning progress.

Enjoy seamless setup and endless fun with Miko Mini!

Weight1000 g
Dimensions15 × 18 × 15 cm