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Crazy Fast-Action Card Game Superhero Animal Focus

The most entertaining way to build skills. Superhero Animal Focus is a game of silly comparisons, crazy sounds, and actions. It’s a game that’s fun for the whole family. Perfect for adults to join in on the fun! Travel-friendly pack to engage your kids on the go.

Why Focus on playing Superhero Focus?

Superhero Animal Focus Card game promotes the executive functions of children. Executive functions control our thinking and behaviour and are thus an important building block for successful learning and self-regulation. This is how children get fit for learning with a lot of fun and excitement! Develops memory, attention, and visual observation. Reduces impulsivity and encourages children to develop self-control.

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Simple to learn and easy to play
– Deal 8 cards to each player
– Open 2 cards in the centre of the table and keep the rest of the cards nearby. Place the Superhero Focus Boy figure within easy reach of all players
– Open a power card- this is the play condition. E.g. make the sound of the larger animal
– Players compare the 2 cards in the centre and the fastest player to make the sound of the larger animal gets rid of his or her card and places it in the centre now. The game continues like this.
– If the 2 animals in the centre are of the same size or are the same animals (large duck and small duck), the player must rush to grab the Superhero play figure. S/he then gets rids of a card in their hand.
Be quick but if you make the wrong sound or pick up the Superhero incorrectly, you will have to take another card in your hand.
– The first player to get rid of all their cards wins the game.

Many ways to play- Make the sound of the larger or smaller animal, or combine the sound of the larger animal and do the action of the smaller animal. Keeps the game exciting and we promise it is hilarious! It’s the most fun way to build your brain

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