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Children’s Space Design Alarm Clock Light with Stand Snooze and Two Alarm Sounds Clock for Heavy Sleepers Boys and Girls (Multicolor)

  • Lovely Penguin is an alarm clock with a cute penguin design that will catch kids’ attention and pique their interest in learning about time. It’s a good teaching tool that enables young learners to control their own routines and comprehend the notion of time.
  • Two ringtone options are available on the children’s alarm clock traditional ringtones and innocent music. The innocent music will help you and your children gently awaken in the morning if you find the traditional ringtones annoying.
  • Simply touch the dial plate of the alarm clock, and it will illuminate for 6 seconds so you can read the time clearly at night. Additionally, it shuts off automatically and gives your children.
  • The “Snooze Function” was created for people who require an extra five minutes to begin a new day. All you have to do is hit the button at the clock’s top.
  • The maximum level is up to 90 dB, so there is no need to worry about missing class. For youngsters who tend to sleep in a lot, this alarm clock will ensure that you wake up on time. Report in

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Ideal alarm clock for people who struggle to get out of bed in the morning. use whenever a clock is required! ideal size for use whenever a straightforward clock is required. Metal structures are used for long-lasting usage. The retro-vintage look complements virtually any décor. plain, tidy design. On the rear, there are only 2 knobs: one for setting the alarm and one for setting the time. Dial is simple to read and ideal for elders or children. A loud alarm goes off. If the mobile phone clock malfunctions, it might wake up those who are in deep sleep. It rings loudly. Simple and attractive solid numerals in three dimensions It is easy to observe from any area of your room because of the large and clear 3D numeric indicators at every hour and minute tracker. Double-bell alarm clock

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