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    Electronic Dancing Smart Remote Control Robotic Patrol Dog Pets Toys White

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    • Voice Controlled and Remote Control Smart Robot Dog Pets for Children 2-10 Years and Above
    • It can control the robot dog to move forward, backward, turn left, turn right, and it also has a one-key demonstration function to demonstrate various actions
    • There are three song buttons to sing three songs, volume up and down buttons to increase or decrease the volume (there are 5 levels of volume), and a touch function (you need to touch the mouth of the robot dog with your hand). After the stop button is pressed, it will stop all actions and enter the standby state
    • The programming button can program 50 actions (the volume up and down buttons cannot be programmed, and pressing the stop button in the middle will stop the programming action). Use the remote control to program according to the instructions
    • The head of the robot dog can be rotated left/right. When the animal button is pressed, the robot dog can imitate the barking of various animals. When the alarm button is pressed, the robot dog starts to patrol around
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