NECA Pacific Rim Series 5 Anchorage Attack Gipsy Danger 7 Deluxe Action Figure


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  • NECA Pacific Rim Series 5 Anchorage Attack Gipsy Danger 7″ Deluxe Action Figure:
    • Highly Detailed Sculpting: This action figure boasts intricate detailing, capturing every nuance of Gipsy Danger’s design as seen in the Anchorage Attack scene from Pacific Rim.
    • 7 Inches Tall: Standing at a height of 7 inches, this deluxe figure perfectly balances size and detail, making it an ideal addition to any Pacific Rim collection.
    • Articulated Joints: With multiple points of articulation, including the arms, legs, and head, you can pose Gipsy Danger in various dynamic stances, recreating epic battle scenes.
    • Authentic Accessories: Comes with authentic accessories such as interchangeable hands and weapons, allowing for customization and display options.
    • Premium Packaging: Packaged in premium window box packaging, this figure is not only a collector’s item but also perfect for display.

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Only 1 left in stock

Unleash the towering force of the Anchorage Attack Gipsy Danger 7″ Deluxe Action Figure from NECA’s acclaimed Pacific Rim Series 5. Standing proudly at 7 inches tall, this meticulously crafted figure encapsulates the heroic essence of Gipsy Danger as it valiantly defends against monstrous Kaiju threats.

Crafted with unparalleled attention to detail, every contour and armor plate of Gipsy Danger’s iconic design is faithfully recreated, ensuring a striking resemblance to its on-screen counterpart. From its sleek silhouette to the intricate mechanical components, this deluxe figure exudes authenticity and craftsmanship.

Prepare for epic battles with Gipsy Danger’s fully articulated joints, allowing for seamless poseability and dynamic display options. Whether striking a fierce combat stance or unleashing a devastating finishing move, this figure offers endless possibilities for immersive storytelling and scene recreation.

Complete with an array of authentic accessories, including interchangeable hands and weapons, this deluxe action figure empowers collectors to customize and enhance their display experience. Whether wielding its signature plasma cannon or engaging in hand-to-hand combat, Gipsy Danger is ready to defend humanity with unparalleled strength and determination.

Presented in premium window box packaging, this Anchorage Attack Gipsy Danger figure is not just a collectible, but a centerpiece worthy of any Pacific Rim enthusiast’s collection. Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of giant robots and monstrous adversaries with this must-have addition to NECA’s Pacific Rim Series 5.



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