Hot Wheels 2024: 3 Different Pack of 5 Models: Getaways + Mopar + Mud Studs


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  • Hot Wheels 2024 3-Pack: Experience the ultimate excitement with this curated collection of 5 die-cast models.
  • Getaways: Zoom through urban landscapes with the sleek and stylish Getaways models, designed for high-speed thrills.
  • Mopar: Dominate the track with the iconic Mopar lineup, featuring classic designs and unbeatable performance.
  • Mud Studs: Conquer rugged terrain and off-road challenges with the durable and rugged Mud Studs models.
  • Endless Adventures: Whether it’s city streets, race tracks, or off-road trails, ignite your imagination and embark on thrilling adventures with Hot Wheels 2024.

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Only 2 left in stock

Introducing the Hot Wheels 2024 3-Pack of 5 Models, featuring an exhilarating trio of Getaways, Mopar, and Mud Studs. Dive into the thrill of endless adventures with these meticulously crafted die-cast cars, each offering its unique style and performance. Whether you’re racing through city streets with the sleek Getaways, dominating the track with the iconic Mopar lineup, or tackling off-road challenges with the rugged Mud Studs, this collection promises non-stop excitement for Hot Wheels enthusiasts of all ages. Get ready to rev up your imagination and ignite your passion for high-speed action with the Hot Wheels 2024 3-Pack!


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